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How much are your fees? 

Our projects are broken up into three phases. The first and last are hourly based, while the second works off a fixed fee. Pricing largely depends on the scope of the project. Obviously, the more work that needs to be done to the building, the more hours we'll have to put into the project. 

We purposefully make sure not to base our pricing on the project's overall cost. This is to ensure that clients know that our specifications are intended for their best interest. 

We do our best to work towards the assessed budget, and offer guidance with that in mind.

How long will the project take? 

Again, this is largely based on the scope of the project, but external factors (like construction team demands, city permits, weather, etc.)  play a role. Once the brainstorming is done, we can give an estimate for when to expect the project to be done.    

What style do you work in?

As mentioned in the "ABOUT" page, we work in a number of styles including: Art Deco, Contemporary, High-Tech, International, Mid-Century, Modern, Postmodernism, and Spanish. 

Where do you work?

Our office is based in Milpitas, CA, and because of that, we predominantly work across the Bay Area and Peninsula. With that said, we have successfully completed projects in other states, and even,  internationally.

At what point in my project should I involve an architect?

We firmly believe that architects should be involved at the beginning of every project. Pre-design services help clients make more educated decisions, and coordination between necessary teams becomes that much easier. 

Do we need to find our own contractors, interior designers, civil + structural engineers?

This is definitely not necessary. Our firm has professional relationships with a number of construction teams, civil engineers, and structural engineers that we consistently work with. We also have expertise with interiors, and have our own interior design team at hand. 

We want clients to be involved in the project, as there's a lot of joy in creating something beautiful. However, our primary purpose is to make our client's life easier. Finding other professionals to work with feels like our responsibility, and not a headcase that our valued clients need to deal with. 

What should we come prepared with when we contact Archevon?

1. Description of current situation 

2. Project goals

3. Scope of project 

4. Preferred styles

5. Budget 





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