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"Archevon" means the evolution of Architecture. 

This evolution began in January of 1996, and resulted in a fast growing design-oriented firm.

Archevon takes pride in its servicing abilities. 

Our staff of highly trained professionals are committed to designing buildings that have a positive impact on the built environment and its users.

We firmly believe that the foundation for any successful project is created through a shared vision. To achieve that vision, we prioritize walking clients through each design phase: pre-design, design, planning, bidding, construction, commissioning, occupancy, and even, maintenance. Constant feedback and communication drives our projects until completion. 

Archevon's style & knowledge

We define clear objectives from the get-go, and respond with architectural designs that derive maximum values from every reliable source. Styles Archevon works with include: Art Deco, Contemporary, High-Tech, International, Mid-Century, Modern, Postmodernism, and Spanish. This carries over to collectively finding suitable choices ​for finishes, materials, fixtures, and furnishings. 

Archevon's body of work 

With 25+ years of experience, our firm carries rich experience from a countless number of projects. The scope of these projects are quite varied: community centers, schools, religious buildings, mixed-use buildings, tenant improvement, custom residences, and house remodels.




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